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Location: Sky Pesher by James Turrell. Photo credit: Scott French.

My name is ny (natalia) bilenko. I like finding art in science, making invisible things visible, and digging in the cracks.

This site is home to some of my publications and talks, technology-related projects, and craft projects.

I am a software engineer with 10+ years of programming experience and 7 years of industry experience. I have worked as a data visualization engineer, UI engineer, full-stack engineer, machine learning engineer, data scientist, and computational neuroscientist. I'm drawn to creative collaborations, learning by making things, and finding new connections.

I'm searching for a new role, so if you are looking for a multidisciplinary engineer who likes figuring out how to help people and building useful tools out of messy data, feel free to get in touch!

Most recently, as part of the Algo UI team at Stitch Fix, I built internal UI and visualization tools. For example, I designed and developed Ariadne, an observability UI for search.

Last year, I was profiled by USPTO in this article.

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